I had a very successful 15 year career at Amazon in which I was promoted from L7 (Sr. Mgr) to L8 (Director) to L10 (VP), so I understand the internal promotion journey.  I also drove the promotion of numerous L7s and a dozen L8s, and was involved in multiple L10 promotions.  During my time I reported to half a dozen different vice presidents and worked under three different members of the "S-Team" (Digital Products, Retail, and AWS).

For Ex-Amazonians now somewhere else, we share a common language that speeds and streamlines our ability to discuss your career needs and growth tools.

For new Amazonians, I understand the internal systems and can give you a practical orientation to them that will help you succeed in this environment.  From the budget and planning cycle to the personnel review and promotion process to the Leadership Principles, I understand Amazon process, culture, and how to succeed.  In many cases I will know some of the leaders in your organization and be able to give you insight into their priorities and methods.

Whether you are joining Amazon and want to get off to a good start, or you are already there and want to accelerate your career, I believe I can really help you with this.  So, if you are a new or current Amazonian looking for a boost, (or if you have a new report who needs help starting strong), please reach out using the contact form at the bottom of this page or via LinkedIn.

This service is priced and managed the same way as my general Executive Coaching.  The good news for you is that you generally get more value because of my specific history working with current and former Amazonians.