Interviews are unfair. They are largely one sided, with you answering whatever you are asked. While you can predict some questions, many of them will come as surprises. Yet if you get caught off guard or stumble over something unexpected, it can cost you the job.

I’ve spend the last week collecting a list of the questions that most worry people in interviews. The ones to which there are no great answers, such as “why didn’t you finish college?” While it is hard to give an answer to such a question that leaves the interviewer thinking “wow, I can’t wait to hire her!” it is much easier to give answers that get you past the question and allow you to move on.

If you would like to hear a wide range of tough questions and options to respond to them, come join our broadcast. There will be ample change for live viewers to offer their answers, allowing you to figure out what works best for you.

Join us at 6 PM PST on Sunday, January 26th on Twitch. If you miss the show, look for edited highlights on our YouTube channel within a few days. If you can catch this one live, you’ll want to for the discussion.