In honor of Ethan’s birthday, The EZ Coach is auctioning off three 1-hour blocks of coaching in support of the Washington Trails Association (WTA). The auction will run during our live broadcast on October 15th at 6 PM PDT, where Jill Simmons, CEO of the WTA, will be our guest, speaking about leadership in the government and non-profit sectors. You can also bid right now (directions below) if you cannot make the live broadcast.

Auction: Three 1-hour blocks of EZ Coach Coaching

Minimum bid: $50 – cost of a basic membership at WTA

The top three bids will receive one hour of private coaching after donating the amount of the bid to WTA.  Donation receipt required.  Coaching will be delivered online via video conference at a mutually agreeable time between now and Thanksgiving, 2019. If you are in the greater Seattle area, this can optionally be in person. The coaching is also transferable, meaning that you can bid and buy on behalf of a friend or relative. The EZ Coach will do his reasonable best to help anyone with their chosen aspect of resume review, mock interviewing, career development, or other topic in line with our channel.

An additional hour of private coaching will be raffled off to channel subscribers.  The list of subscribers will be captured at the end of the broadcast on October 15th.  Regular subscribers will get one “ticket” to the raffle; $10 subscribers will get two tickets in the raffle and $25 subscribers will get five chances.  The winner will be announced on the show on October 16th.  Members of the EZ Coach moderation and production team are excluded (but generally get coaching when they want it anyway). 

You can both subscribe to the channel and bid on coaching at any time between now and the show. 

During the show, simply direct message 40pinkdragons, our channel moderator on Twitch. From time to time during the broadcast, the leading bid amounts will be updated (without the bidders names) to the channel.  Bidding ends at the end of the broadcast. To bid prior to the live broadcast, you can still message 40pinkdragons on Twitch, or you can reach out to Ethan with a direct message on LinkedIn. Alternatively, use the contact US on this blog to indicate your interest.

In the case of extreme interest, the EZ Coach may choose to add additional coaching hours to allow for additional auction winners. Because unfortunately someone may bid and not follow through, all fans of the EZ Coach and WTA are encouraged to bid.  If the “winning” bid does not follow through on donation within one week of the show, the hour will be consecutively re-awarded to the next highest qualifying bidder. Bidding does not obligate you to donate unless you win, though the WTA is a great organization and you are encouraged to support them.