I believe I am about to host my most important Twitch discussion yet, a case study of landing your dream job.

Over the last quarter, I worked with a friend of mine, Twitch streamer “ShadowFox” (Tina) to transition from self-employed as a Twitch streamer to the Community Manager position with Corsair. We worked together from the application approach through compensation negotiation, touching on every major aspect of the job hunt. On Wednesday, January 15th at 7 PM PST we’ll walk through every step of how we did it live on Twitch.

I’m excited about the case study because Tina succeeded through several challenges. First and most obviously, she’s a woman, which can unfortunately still be a liability in some parts of the professional world, particularly in technology. Second, she was coming from being self-employed as a Twitch broadcaster, and thus lacked a strong traditional resume. Third, she does not have a college degree. But with a systematic and passionate approach, she landed the job over several other qualified applicants.

Tina’s experience, as a case study, really pulls together what I have been teaching on Twitch for the last year.

See us live on Twitch or catch up later on YouTube.