Ethan highly recommends that potential clients first consult his growing course catalog. This is because Ethan has created courses specifically to address the most common coaching questions he has received from clients over time. The courses provide focused, carefully organized models and tools to help you with these common questions.
Important Note: Courses are much more cost efficient for clients than 1:1 private coaching for the same material. We recommend that you get the general foundational information for your needs f rom the classes, allowing your coaching t o be f ocused on y our specific situation an d it’ s nuan ces.


- Joanne, Director, Software Engineering

After a recent layoff, I’d been interviewing for a Director of Software
Engineering role (2nd line manager with 50+ people) for 2+ months. Your
Level Up class has empowered me to pass all the behavior interviews. As a
result, I got an offer 6 weeks into the search. A good company, a great fit
but lowball.
Yesterday I got a desired offer. The odds were against me. The other
finalist has done it longer and led bigger teams. Their final (and deciding)
round was a presentation. Much of my deck content was inspired by your
Level Up class.”

- Sean M., Executive

“Ethan, not knowing me at all, was very responsive and very helpful. Ethan
took the time to listen and provided very specific feedback, which is
exactly what I wanted. The last thing anyone wants is generalities since we
can get those from a Google search. We all have questions and no matter
your skill level, Ethan can answer those questions. I would highly
recommend you subscribe to Ethan’s channel and watch any previous
streams of his. I found that even if the topic wasn’t relevant to my needs,
there was always something to take away from the stream.”

Ethan writes a frequent column on LinkedIn and Medium called “Straight Truth.” The goal of Straight Truth is for Ethan to address difficult or controversial workplace and career questions without the polite, misleading, or otherwise unclear “corporate speak” that often characterizes how companies address the same issues.

You are invited to submit a question or situation to Straight Truth using the form below. If your question is chosen, Ethan will answer it publicly in a future post. Neither your name nor company name will be used in the post and a reasonable attempt will be made to ensure your anonymity. However, you assume the risk of submitting your question for a free, public response.
Due to volume, not all questions can be addressed, but you are encouraged to submit your question. Ethan may also address it as a part of another post or in another way. The more unique, difficult, and interesting the situation you describe, the more likely it is to be chosen. If you need a question answered for certain within a set time, or need it answered privately, please see our “coaching question submission” option. To see past questions and answers, please visit the Straight Truth archives on Medium.


If you would like Ethan to speak to your organization, please contact him via the form below.

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