Ego is more than just arrogance. Yes, one workplace problem comes from people who cannot hear other opinions or admit mistakes due to classic ego. This EZ Coach discussion will go beyond simple egotism, to the broader challenges that arise any time someone’s self worth or self identity, their ego, is threatened.

All human beings have a pain and distress threshold. When you exceed this tolerance, the person will act to relieve the distress. The more painful the circumstance, the less discretion the person will show in trying to eliminate the perceived problem. And often you either are that problem or you get caught up in reaction.

Often when someone says no to us, criticizes our work, or even attacks us personally, the underlying cause can be their own internal distress. One way or another, something is threatening their ego, defined as their self worth or image. The person is lashing out to reduce their own pain and catching us as they do it. Saying yes to us may make more work for them than saying no. Our work may threaten their own projects, priorities, or personality. In the worst case, they may depart from even a semblance of business rationale and simply attack to drive us away or vent their own rage.

What can we do in such circumstances? Come join the EZ Coach and let’s talk about it! Bring your questions and stories to the broadcast on Monday, October 7th at 6pm at To ask questions or vote on what questions The EZ Coach should answer, go here.