Public speaking is a critical tool for any professional. Many people think of managers, executives, and politicians when they think of speaking, but it is an invaluable ability for individual contributors as well. Workplace success comes from the combination of expertise and the means to share that knowledge successfully. Your individual expertise is only as valuable as your ability to get others to understand and apply it.

Many people are afraid to be on stage or to address large audiences. We have all had the experience where we cringe while listening to poor speakers stammering or wandering aimlessly through their points. However, mastering the basics of public speaking is something anyone can do, and doing it well can accelerate your career.

Each stage of public speaking has best practices. I’ll share those along with some of the key situations in my career when the very worst happened on stage. You can learn from my misfortune!

Join me on Tuesday, December 3rd, at 6 PM PST for an interactive discussion on public speaking. Bring your toughest questions, as I love to be stumped with hard situations that make me think. Find me on Twitch.