I coach individual leaders around the world to help them grow to the next level in their leadership.  The transition from manager or senior manager into a Director or true executive at the VP level is a tough one.  The things that made you successful as an individual contributor and as a manager remain important, but they alone will not make you successful at the VP level.

Based on developing many leaders into large scale executives at Amazon, I have refined what it takes to make this transition and am happy to share it with you.   I work with a small number of clients to advance their careers not as a job but because it brings me personal satisfaction.  Seeing you succeed is what makes it worth it.

I can work with you on an individual hour basis or under an ongoing coaching agreement, which includes a discount for long term engagement.  Please contact me via the form at the bottom of this page or a message on LinkedIn and I will be happy to discuss the right coaching solution for you.

I understand that not everyone can afford executive coaching, as it is an investment.  For this reason, I post extensively on LinkedIn, have over 200 hours of video coaching on YouTube, and maintain a Discord server with community support for development.  If executive coaching is not an investment you can make at this time, please take advantage of these resources.

I also serve as the Co-Creator and Lead Instructor for Career Coach Training at HG.  With HG I have trained over 30 professional career coaches and I stand behind their work by conducting case review with them to handle hard situations.  The Career Coaching option at HG is intended to be accessible to early and mid-career professionals.

If you are unsure if working with me is the right path, there are four ways to test this:

  1. Follow me on LinkedIn or Medium and judge the utility of what I have to say for yourself
  2. View some of my YouTube videos (aimed at a mass live audience) to see my style
  3. Get a Resume Review as a way to share your background and experience my work
  4. Try working with one of the coaches I have helped train at HG

To discuss coaching, reach out to me on LinkedIn (fastest) or through the form below.

The Fine Print

  1. Payment is prepaid through PayPal

• I do now work with a partner organization and can offer a corporate billing solution through them; please reach out if you need this as I do not directly sign up with corporate vendor solutions

• If your company provides matching to charity donations, please contact me to discuss the possible option for me to coach you in exchange for you making a donation, at a reduced rate, to a charity of my choice.  You can win twice here, paying less out of pocket and claiming a tax deduction while also helping a great cause

2. I can send you an invoice as a receipt is that will allow you to expense our coaching; about a third of clients have their coaching paid by their workplace; the rest pay themselves

3. I travel (I’m retired), so I am frequently out of town.  I provide automated scheduling through Calendly so you’ll always know when I am away and can schedule around it.  That said, you should expect a somewhat irregular schedule, the cost of working with someone who has work/life balance and a commitment to maintaining it.  I can show you how to do the same!


Here are a couple of recent testimonials from recent contacts:

Ethan looked over my resume and was quickly able to identify and amplify my strengths, and made me much more confident about my application after working with him. Without Ethan, I would have never thought to add certain elements [social media] to my resume that I now understand to be of critical importance.– Cole A., Professional
Let me start off by saying that Ethan is an invaluable resource for all advice, especially for careers. If all you read of this is that first sentence, I hope you take away from it that Ethan can help you regardless of your skill level. [Click here to view more from Sean ] – Sean M., Executive
Ethan helped me out so much along the way; helping me prepare for interviews, giving valuable info on how to boost my resume and interviewing skills. I 100% owe the opportunity to even get the first interview to him.Bilaal H., Student