Today I begin the final phase of keeping an important promise as a leader. If you are curious about the promise and why keeping it matters, read on!

Twitch has several tiers of creators. The Twitch Partnership program is the top tier and is a symbol of achievement and commitment to the Twitch streaming lifestyle. To become a partner requires a combination of audience and content creation over time.

As my channel grew, I made the commitment to earn Partnership by the numbers. Over the last year I’ve built up an audience that is larger than the requirements for partnership, but because of my day job at Amazon I have never put in the raw hours to meet the content creation goals. Now, working from home rather than commuting, I have that chance. I think it is important for leaders to keep commitments, particularly visible commitments where people you may not even know are watching and keeping score. This is one of those cases.

Bottom line, starting today I will broadcast every day for the next five days, allowing me to meet all the target metrics.

Wednesday – 2:30 PM PDT – Getting Promoted Faster

Thursday – 7 PM PDT – Live coaching of a new manager

Friday – 4 PM PDT – I’ll be interviewed about my career

Saturday – 9 AM PDT – Career Planning for Students

Sunday – 6 PM PDT – To Be Announced (suggestions welcome)

I hope that you see at least something in here that can help you in your own career. Please come join me!