It happens to everyone. You get stuck in your career. Somehow, your progress and learning stalls. You cannot always tell why. But your job is comfortable, or at least tolerable, and so you don’t want to quit. But you are also not making progress.

You can break loose from this, and we’ll tell you how. I will provide a few quick tips on how to simply have confidence in yourself and get moving again. Then I’ll take questions from anyone who feels stuck and we’ll talk about how to move forward.

Join us Sunday, January 12th, at 6 PM PST.

We also have two other remarkable shows coming this week. On Wednesday the 15th we’ll interview a remarkable young woman I coached through successfully getting her dream job, from the application process to final offer negotiation. We’ll talk about every step in her process. On Friday, I’ll be talking to Harvard Psychologist and Twitch Sensation Dr. Alok Kanojia about workplace stress. Both topics should be among the best we’ve ever covered.