Come join the EZ Coach Tuesday, October 1, at 6 PM PDT for a discussion of how and when to build a network.

Most people try to build a network too late. They wait until they desperately need a strong network in order to put real effort into it. I’ve literally seen people only join LinkedIn after being laid off or fired.

Your network is vital to your career. It brings you both opportunities when you need them. It often also presents you with better opportunities even when you are happily employed. But many people struggle to build a network, thinking that you must be extroverted. Others do not prioritize the time, resulting in them only reconnecting with people when they need something, which can leave the other person feeling used (and thus unhelpful).

We’ll discuss when to build your network as well as how to do so effectively. We’ll take audience questions, so bring your tough ones and challenge The EZ Coach!

To find the broadcast on Tuesday, go to To ask questions or vote on what questions The EZ Coach should answer, go here.