Are you one of the recently unemployed or about to graduate into a recession economy?

Just in the US, more than 10 million people have filed for unemployment in the last two weeks, with more coming. This is new territory for many people, who have not seen a recession in a decade or longer.

On Thursday, April 9th, a fellow Amazonian, Max Tynan, will join me at 6 PM PDT to discuss the lessons he learned searching for a job when he entered the workforce in 2009, in “the Great Recession.”

On Sunday, April 12th, Boris Epstein, Co-Founder of BINC Staffing and Placement, will join me to share his 18 years of experience. His staff of over 100 placement professionals conducts approximately 2500 interviews a week and reviews upwards of 10,000 resumes. Based on this, he is strongly qualified to advise on successful search tactics in a tough job market.

As always, we will broadcast live at 6 PM PDT on Twitch. If you cannot make the live Q&A, within days after each show they will be available on YouTube and on every major podcast platform.