Come understand the fully modern job hunt from the INSIDE.  I’m bringing my longtime friend and coworker, Albert Kim , onto my Twitch broadcast Monday night to discuss how Amazon searches for talent at scale.  Today as I write, the Amazon website has more than 14,000 full time positions open.  Albert leads “University Programs,” for the Americas, responsible for hiring thousands of interns and full time new graduates every year.  He and I will talk about the new world of automated resume scans and online assessments amidst a shortage of supply.

This discussion will be essential for students in any discipline to understand where large corporate recruiting is headed.  However, it is also valuable for any manager or job seeker on either side of the talent wars because you’ll get insight into the competitive landscape of today.  We’ll talk about how in 2019 Amazon has reviewed hundreds of thousands of resumes and candidates, a reality that must be the same at Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and other large employers.

Whether you are planning your career, looking for a job, or looking for talent, you want to understand the new job marketplace reality.  You’ll walk away knowing how to navigate the new system-driven reality.

Join us on Monday, November 25th, at 6 PM PST for a deeper exploration of each part of taking smart.  Bring your toughest questions, as we love to be stumped with hard situations.  Find us on Twitch.