Time has flown during the Covid Pandemic and I have let this blog fall into disuse. My apologies!

I struggle with the dark sides of perfectionism and have been studying how to control it. There are great benefits to having high standards, but when they rob you of rest and satisfaction, as they sometimes do with me, then they become unhealthy.

Perfectionism is a complex topic with psychological components I am unqualified to address. What I can talk about is managing perfectionism in the workplace. Knowing when good is good enough and how to handle criticism from other perfectionists. It’s not easy and we’ll never be perfect at it, but we can get better. (By the way, the image for this blog is part of my personal plan from two years ago to address this… still a work in progress.)

If you are not a perfectionist, come understand those who are. You may not even recognize them. That procrastinator who never seems to finish anything? Might be a closet perfectionist, unable to declare something done.

I’ll be live on Twitch tonight, Tuesday June 9th, and then this show will make it’s way to my YouTube channel. Drop by and visit.