I’m not a doomsayer. But, I think simply looking at the progression of travel, school, and business closures marching across the world it is a good time to talk about what to do while you are at home. Maybe you are working from home with less commute time and thus more free time, or maybe you are a student home from school. Regardless, make productive use of that time!

At the same time, it is hard to believe that all the business closures, loss of tourism, and disruption of the global supply chain will not have at least some impacts. What can we all do to be best prepared?

In the next three days (starting tonight), I’ll talk about all those topics.

Tonight, 3/15 at 6 PM PDT – Best books to read while you are home! Make use of that time at home.

Monday, 3/16 at 6 PM PDT – “Recession and Resumes” – we’ll talk about what each of us can do to prepare for a recession and we’ll generate a list of topics we want to discuss on Tuesday’s show, where we will have two Professors of Finance from Duke University join us for a discussion. Then I’ll do some live resume review where we fine tune messages to get you hired in a down economy.

Tuesday, 3/17 at 5 PM PDT, we’ll have said professors on the show for a deep discussion of just what it means to press pause on parts of the global economy.