I wanted to let you know I have accepted a Sr. Manager position on the Consumer Trust team at [company] this past Monday. I also wanted to thank you for your time and help on my resume and guidance on all the questions I was asking. I'm happy I reached out to you and I'll continue to follow your YouTube channel. I was also able to more than double my total compensation.

-Denny G.

Ethan has reviewed more than 10,000 resumes and conducted over 2,500 live interviews while hiring people for his teams.  Based on these thousands of hours he knows what causes hiring managers to select or advance a candidate and what prompts them to move on.

Ethan provides numerous free videos on resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and interviewing on his YouTube channel.

Many people benefit from a further in-depth personal review of their resume and LinkedIn presence.  Ethan does not write or edit resumes, but rather provides point-by-point insights and review of your resume, allowing you to make it represent you well.  Ethan also provides a comprehensive list of best practices sure to improve any resume or profile.

Resume reviews are exclusively by email, usually are completed within two business days, and are conducted on a flat fee basis dependent upon experience level.  To schedule a resume review or LinkedIn tune up, contact Ethan either through the message box in red at the bottom of this page or via LinkedIn.  

The fees for reviews are:

Resume OR LinkedIn Review – Student – $99

Both Resume & LinkedIn – Student – $149

Resume OR LinkedIn Review – Professional – $249

Both Resume & LinkedIn – Professional – $379

Resume OR LinkedIn Review – Executive – $399

Both Resume & LinkedIn – Executive – $599

You can purchase a review right here via PayPal by using this Link .  When you do that, be sure to also get in touch with Ethan by using the form at the bottom of this page or LinkedIn so that he can get your resume and get feedback back to you.

A student is someone in college prior to their first full time job. MBA students with a prior career count as Professionals. Executives are anyone seeking a job at the Director level, or equivalent, and up.

Why are students less and executives more? Resume length and complexity, plus the value I am able to bring. I’ve interviewed, hired, developed, and promoted numerous executives in my career and know what top tier employers are looking for. Since this is rare experience, it is more valuable. Student resumes are shorter, simpler, and follow a more well-defined format.

See for yourself in the table below.  You can look at my own resume and also walk through two before and after examples based on my advice.

Example Resumes Before and After

Description Vod Link
Ethan's own Resume as an Example Twitch
Ryan's Original Resume Twitch
Ryan's Revised Resume After Advice Twitch
Peter's Original Resume Twitch
Peter's Revised Resume After Advice Twitch
Peter's List of Changes He Made Twitch


Here are a couple of recent testimonials from recent contacts:

Ethan looked over my resume and was quickly able to identify and amplify my strengths, and made me much more confident about my application after working with him. Without Ethan, I would have never thought to add certain elements [social media] to my resume that I now understand to be of critical importance.Cole A., Professional
Let me start off by saying that Ethan is an invaluable resource for all advice, especially for careers. If all you read of this is that first sentence, I hope you take away from it that Ethan can help you regardless of your skill level. [Click here to view more from Sean ] – Sean M., Executive
Ethan helped me out so much along the way; helping me prepare for interviews, giving valuable info on how to boost my resume and interviewing skills. I 100% owe the opportunity to even get the first interview to him.Bilaal H., Student

Why LinkedIn?

While your resume is your most formal tool, it is usually something you only get to give out when you actively apply to a job or when someone has already found you. By comparison, your LinkedIn profile works for you passively while you sleep. It forms both the home base for building and maintaining your network and a place for employers to discover you

What you Get

Send me your resume (after we arrange payment) and/or a link to your LinkedIn. I review whichever you have chosen and send you comments via email. My goals when commenting are to give you an assessment of your resume overall, give you specific guidance on things to add or improve, and as best as is possible give you an understanding of how to represent your experience so that you are equipped to make future updates of your resume yourself.

You also get my short best practices, tips, and tricks guides for resumes and/or LinkedIn profiles. These checklists cover my collection of best practices learned over years of observation and can help you keep your resume in top condition into the future.

What you do not get is equally important.  I do not sell my personal reputation.  What this means is that I make no promise to make introductions for you or to try to specifically help you get hired at a given company.  If you are looking to pay for access to special treatment or influence, I cannot help you.  Other than that, as you can see from the testimonials, what I do works, and I look forward to hearing from you.