The EZ Coach will be conducting a live, online resume review, with feedback on real resumes submitted by viewers, at 8 PM PDT on Wednesday, June 19th. To do this, we need you to submit your resume to You can take your last name and address off the resume if you want, and you should send a brief note for the type of job(s) you are targeting. We’ll then select the most interesting examples for discussion and feedback. If you have and use a cover letter, send that too!

In my long career I’ve reviewed about 5,000 resumes, often with the chance to then follow up and interview the candidates they represented. Based on this I can give key input on what does and does not get you the interview as well as facilitate it going well. Along the way, as we review resumes, we’ll take interactive viewer questions on how to design your resume for success.

To find the broadcast on Wednesday, go to To ask questions or vote on what questions The EZ Coach should answer, go here.

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