My story might be a little different then most since I have significant career experience. I’ve run my own company, dealt with hiring hundreds of people and managed an eight figure yearly P&L. However, even with this I still had questions on what to expect leaving self-employment and joining the corporate world. The first major question was an easy one, my resume. I haven’t had to write a resume in 15 years so the simplest question presented itself, what to say and how to say it.

I found Ethan while searching online for resume ideas under what to do and not to do. I randomly came across Ethan’s website and probably like you, read his “about” section. The “about” section seemed interesting, so I decided to watch one of his recent streams that just so happened to be on resumes.

From watching his first stream it was obvious Ethan knew what he was talking about which led me to look up his other streams. After going through a couple streams I realized I made some simple mistakes that most people make on resumes. These are the same mistakes that I have seen on thousands of resumes. For example, Ethan pointed out to not use fluff and instead use numbers and facts. If you did something, what did you do and what was the numerical result. And yes, everything in business has a numerical result.

Now I was at the point where I have probably watched 10 hours of Ethan’s streams (which are free) on everything from resume tips to interviews and decided to reach out to him directly. Ethan, not knowing me at all, was very responsive and very helpful. Ethan took the time to listen and provided very specific feedback, which is exactly what I wanted. The last thing anyone wants is generalities since we can get those from a Google search. We all have questions and no matter your skill level, Ethan can answer those questions. I would highly recommend you subscribe to Ethan’s channel and watch any previous streams of his. I found that even if the topic wasn’t relevant to my needs, there was always something to take away from the stream. On a personal note, from talking and getting to know Ethan better, the one thing that sets Ethan apart from any other career coach (besides his career experience level), is that Ethan truly cares and wants to help. Even though Ethan has a VP title, he is kind, funny and relatable.

-Sean M., Executive