Ethan’s Volunteers

My stream, like most Twitch streams, gets a lot of help from dedicated volunteers. I want to take a moment here and thank some of the key volunteers that make it possible to produce and distribute the show.

“Awesome Dave” – Producer

Dave has been a friend and supporter for thirty years.  We’ve worked together in five different jobs. He assembled a studio for Twitch broadcasting in his basement, where we do our interviews with live guests.  He built the question and answer Extension we use on the show. He runs and maintains this website. Without his help, the show certainly would be much less polished, and might not exist at all. As a VP of Engineering, Dave puts all the EZ Coach advice to the test in daily practice.

ShadowFox – Lead Moderator and Social Media Manager

Shadow was introduced to me shortly after she became a full time streamer through a mutual friend.  She is a successful Twitch streamer who coaches other Twitch streamers as well.  An experienced marketing manager, she is an expert in protecting and nurturing Twitch communities.  She lends this skill by serving as lead moderator of the chat community, advising us on Twitch best practices, and helping grow our presence on social media.  Her positive outlook and willingness to help are invaluable.

H. Racine – YouTube and Podcast Publisher

H and I met more than twenty years ago working in Boston.  A medical research professional, she speaks five languages and was a scuba diving instructor in her “spare” time.  H patiently dissects each broadcast, carving the show into discrete pieces for easy bit-size viewing on YouTube.  While we love our live viewers, we know that many busy professionals cannot always make the broadcast show.  H makes it easy for them to catch up on our YouTube channel or any major podcast outlet.

I want to thank all our volunteers! You make my stream what it is and your efforts help real people grow in their careers!