Leading and working in non-profits and government has unique challenges from traditional businesses and careers. We are lucky enough to have Jill Simmons, CEO of the Washington Trails Association, coming to join us on the EZ Coach at 6 PM PDT on Tuesday, October 15th. We’ll discuss the similarities and differences between leading in for profit companies. Jill will also be our first female CEO as a guest on the show and I am sure we’ll discuss some of aspects of gender in the workplace.

Jill’s appearance will coincide with our charity fundraiser auction on The EZ Coach. I encourage you, if you have not, to either submit a bid in advance (via Twitch or Linked In – see post for details) or join us live and contribute to this worth cause.

Jill’s leadership biography:

Jill Simmons is celebrating her third year as CEO of Washington Trails Association, a nonprofit organization working to deliver programs that mobilize hikers to explore, steward, and champion trails and public lands. Jill previously served for six years in a cabinet-level position at the City of Seattle as Director of the Office of Sustainability & Environment. As Director, she launched several new initiatives to make Seattle a healthier, greener and more vibrant place to live. In a state like Washington with its amazing trail riches, it is nearly impossible to pick one favorite hike, but Jill credits High Divide in the Olympics with making her fall in love with hiking.