The EZ Coach is looking for someone with interesting career challenges to have long term coaching live on the show. Two individuals Kevin and Shivang have already come on the show and are very happy with the result.  Kevin credits the input with helping him land his new job and Shivang is such a big supporter that he joined the show as a moderator on Twitch.  If you are curious what the process looks like, look at either of their videos.  Note that care was taken to make sure that should any employer, current or future, find the videos, they will reflect well on Kevin and Shivang as individuals working hard to grow and improve in their careers.
What we are seeking now is someone who wants to be part of a longer ongoing process.  Someone who can come on the show approximately once every 3 – 4 weeks for an extended period to demonstrate longitudinal coaching.  Others have donated $1000 to our favorite charity for a single hour of private coaching. But by coming on the show and allowing our viewers to learn along with you, it is absolutely free!
To apply, contact The EZ Coach through LinkedIn or through the contact us section of our website. The best fit will be someone in the middle of their career. Someone with between 5 and 12 years of work experience who can identify at least a couple of significant areas where they need and want to grow. To be chosen, you need to be willing to share about yourself with an (invisible) audience and you need to have a reasonable computer setup capable of basic video conferencing (sound and video) and stable WiFi.  Sessions will be held at 8 PM PST, which is admittedly late for those outside of the US West Coast, but if you are a night owl feel free to apply.  Send in a resume or link to yourself on LinkedIn along with a short summary of the areas you would like help.
Interested parties not chosen for the long term coaching demonstration may still have the chance to come on the show for a single session to focus on their most acute questions.
I’m looking forward to meeting you!