What: Spend 6 hours with The EZ Coach for a unique small group coaching experience.

When: Saturday, April 20th, starting at 8 AM in North Bend, Washington

Details: I’m looking for three people who want to take part in an experimental coaching session on a hike outside of North Bend, Washington (Suburban Seattle).  I like to hike, and when informally coaching others, I’ve found that walking in the woods has provided a great environment for longer, more detailed discussions than are possible in an office or online setting. 

By gathering a small group together, I think we could have a long-running set of small group discussions, all while getting in a nice, long walk in the great Northwestern Outdoors.  The day would consist of at least an hour of time on behalf of each individual participant, plus a bonus hour on a topic I will bring.  Participants will get my best advice, plus the perspectives of the other two group participants, which should give them a more well rounded perspective.  You should also learn a lot from hearing about, thinking through, and contributing to the discussions for the other group members.  Finally, there is a good chance you will make a friend or two you can add to your professional network.

Meet at 8 AM at Twede’s Cafe in North Bend for coffee and breakfast. Get to know your fellow group members and start discussion. Twede’s Cafe – North Bend, WA

Proceed to the Pratt River Trail Head (a trail I helped build!); walk/stroll along the beautiful river and talk in earnest. Pratt River Trail — Washington Trails Association

Wind up our walk with a hike up a more challenging (and potentially muddy) trail, up Stegosaurus Butte. Have lunch enjoying the views and continuing our discussions at the top!  Stegosaurus Butte — Washington Trails Association

Return to our car(s); drive to Scott’s Dairy Freeze for a well earned treat and goodbyes.  Scott’s Dairy Freeze – North Bend, WA

Estimated completion time: 2 PM. 

To come, leave a reply here on the blog or direct message me on LinkedIn.  If we get a lot of interest, we do expect to do this again, so I will keep you on a list for the next event.

1) I’m not your guide and am not taking responsibility for your health or safety.  You will be choosing to hike on your own; this is a social invitation and if it all ends badly in some way, you accept that you went on a hike in the wilderness on your own recognizance.  Plan to bring your own water, lunch, hiking gear, and anything else you think you need to be safe and comfortable.

2) The hike segments I’m thinking of are purposefully not what I personally consider hard.  However, it should be noted that I have climbed Mt. Rainier and most of the other major volcanic peaks in Washington.  So, you can read about the hikes in the attached links and decide for yourself, but the hiking will cover 5 – 8 miles and 1000 to 1500 vertical feet, approximately.  If that sounds like too much, give this opportunity a pass.

3) Rain or shine.  Yes, we’ll change plans if it is a monsoon, but normal northwest rain is an occupational hazard.

4) I may retell stories from our discussions as a part of The EZ Coach live stream.  I may also take a group photo of the event and share it on the stream.  I’ll take some modest effort not to repeat anything that might not reflect well on you, but since I’m not a perfect judge of that, you accept that risk as a part of this experiment.

5) It would be really poor style to commit to the small group, displacing another interested person, and then cancel or not show.  Please don’t do this.