Do you have days where you feel further behind at night than you were in the morning, yet feel that you worked hard all day?  On some of those days do you struggle to remember what you did or feel like none of it mattered, but it had to be done?  Would you like to have more impact with less effort?

The struggle between the urgent (what others demand of you) and the important (what really matters) is constant at work and at home.  Systems and people use urgency to create a false sense of importance.  We feel good when we satisfy others and silence their explicit or implicit demands.  But doing so distracts us from the work that matters, that makes a difference.  The result is, at the end of the week, we’ve worked hard but accomplished little.

It’s possible to fight this mental junk mail.  Come find out how tonight at 6 PM PDT on Twitch. Bring your questions and problems.