Myers-Briggs (MBTI), DISC, Strengthsfinder. You’ve heard of them. You may have taken them. Are they accurate? How should you get value from them?

Join The EZ Coach and special guest Devin Nash. Ethan and Devin have both taken all three tests. We’ll debate the accuracy and value of the tests, discuss our own test results, and address top audience questions about them.

Ultimately, behavioral style tests like these can be used to gain insights into yourself, understand how to work with others who have different style, learn the blindspots and weaknesses of your natural tendencies, and give coworkers a better language for understanding each other. Learn how to do all this and more by joining us at (channel link).

Come join the EZ Coach and let’s talk about it! Bring your questions and stories to the broadcast on Tuesday, October 22nd at 6pm at To ask questions or vote on what questions Ethan and Devin should answer, go here.