Ethan Evans

Sharing what I have learned to help you succeed

Ethan Evans is a former Amazon Vice President, now focused on consulting, coaching, and speaking.  His mission is to share his lessons learned in his long career to save others delay and frustration struggling with issues he has been through before.

Ethan’s focus areas are:

  • Career development
  • Hiring and team building
  • Problem solving/new product invention

Some recent quotes from customers:

I got a great offer from [company] more than doubling my total compensation and amazing benefits and fully remote.  I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you and I just wanted to thank you for taking the time.

-Mary C.

I wanted to let you know I have accepted a Sr. Manager position on the Consumer Trust team at [company] this past Monday. I also wanted to thank you for your time and help on my resume and guidance on all the questions I was asking. I'm happy I reached out to you and I'll continue to follow your YouTube channel. I was also able to more than double my total compensation.

-Denny G.

Ethan’s areas of Experience:

  • 12 years in startups
  • High speed networking
  • Streaming media
  • Entertainment
  • 15 years at Amazon
  • Started the Prime Video service
  • Led Amazon’s 1st Game Studio
  • Built the Amazon Appstore
  • Led Twitch eCommerce, Developer Tools, and more
  • Led creation of Prime Gaming

Ethan has more than 60 issued patents, has managed global teams of 800+, has reviewed more than 10,000 resumes and conducted over 2,500 live interviews in his career.

To see more about Ethan’s background and read his ongoing career advice posts, follow his LinkedIn page.

Over the past 25 years in high tech personnel leadership, Ethan Evans has learned a lot about what it takes to succeed, culminating in 13 years of successful product launches at Amazon and Twitch.  Now, using the Twitch medium he helped grow, Ethan seeks to share what he has learned leveraging the new interactive medium.  If you are interested in improving your skills, yourself, and your career, join our live stream.  Submit your own questions, anonymously if you like, and vote on which of the questions of others Ethan and his guests should address.


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